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Criticizing Others: A Surefire Way For People Not To Like You (And How To Stop Doing It)

We live in a crazy world.

A Hot Mess of a world to be more precise.

Donald Trump runs for president and Kanye saying he will do so for 2020.  Not to mention Deez Nuts.

The Kardashians making headlines and Syrian refuges get tripped by evil reporters.

WTF is going on? 

How did we get to this point and how do we get out?

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This Little Known Mistake Could Ruin Your Friendships (And How To Avoid It)

We all want deep, fulfilling friendships in our lives.  But if you have ever spent a Friday night eating take-out (alone) and wondered why your Facebook feed is brimming with pictures of people having way too much fun while your phone is not ringing (is this thing dead or something?  Maybe youneed to charge it) you may be making a mistake in how you interact with your friends.

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Is Your Identity Sabotaging Your Habit Formation Efforts?

Last week I wrote about how writer’s blog is a problem of identity. This week, I wanted to tie habit formation back into the equation, because in the end, writer’s block is a problem characterized by lack of writing. And by now, we all know that if you want to be a writer, then you ought to write.  The problem is that you may have not found an answer to how to form a habit.

This week I wanted to spice things up a little bit, however, and bring in some expert advice from around the net to illustrate the issue of identity. The point I want to make is to illustrate how our sense of identity sabotages our attempts at habit formation.

Before we go any further into the relationship between habit formation and identity, however, I find that we need to define identity. To understand what I mean by identity, I thought I would share a book review by Maria Popova from

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Why Is It Important to Have a Writing Habit In Place?

I’m really big in understanding how the mind works.  Turns out, despite the vast diversity of the thoughts we all have on a day to day basis, our minds are made of predictable structures. One such structure is how habits form.

I wrote about 10 writing strategies that I have found have helped me create a writing habit, but I didn’t go into the specifics of how I got where I am today–that is, a consistent weekly blogging routine with blog posts averaging 900-1000 words, and a 40 thousand word rough draft for a book.

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Are You Leveraging Your Time To The Max? If You Aren’t, You Need This iPhone App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WonderApps for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Time is money, we all know that.  But when you are an entrepreneur and you are trying to get a business off the ground, your time is one of your most valuable resources.  Of course, it goes without saying that if you want to be successful, you must learn to leverage and make the most of your time.

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10 Effective Writing Strategies for Starting a Writing Habit

I decided to put together a list of 10 writing strategies that have helped me start a new writing habit because I noticed there are many out there who want to become writers but don’t know where to start.  I can relate as I’ve always wanted to be a writer. In fact, in one of my earliest memories I find myself reading an essay I wrote on family values back when playing the classic version of the snake game on your computer was all the rage—way before Nokia took it mobile. A decade or more later, I have found that I have been a writer all along just because I make it a point to sit down and write. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page (pun intended).

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29 Things You Ought to do Before You Turn 30

Well, I just turned 29 on Monday.  I realized then that everyone is talking about the 30 things you should do before you turn 30, but I believe that being 29 is in itself a big deal as it is, after all, the last year of your 20’s. So why not carpe diem the heck out of being 29 and accomplish these 29 items before you turn 30? That way, while you are 29 you can just marinate on your awesomness in preparation for the actual big 3-0 birthday.

Yes, some of these items may seem cliché, but they are what can make the difference between an exciting life and booooooriiing. If what you are looking for is a sense of accomplishment in your life, then you ought to get into action with this simple list of things you can easily accomplish.

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Re-defining Growing Up: A Manifesto For A Better Life

I remember the look from my grown up friends when I declared I wanted to work 20 hours per week (or less) and earn an annual salary of $200,000. We were all fresh out of college and had no idea what life held in store for us in the wake of the largest financial crises of our conscious lifetime. Why couldn’t just admit that we were all growing up?

To have a job to pay your bills was a hot commodity and something you better be grateful for gosh darnit. How dare I make such a bold declaration when I should have been grateful for earning one sixth of what I desired to earn?

Their disapproval was palpable and their condescension of my big vision unbearable.

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10 Motivational Quotes To Help You Find Your Life Purpose

A couple of months ago I shared 10 of my favorite success quotes and sayings for 2015.  Today, because I am giving away Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, I wanted to share 10 of the motivational quotes that inspired me most after reading the book.

Before we get into the motivational quotes, I wanted to clarify why I am so inspired to give away this particular book:

I loved the book so much that I finished reading it within a 48 hour period.  Ever since finishing reading the book I was left a little shaken up because the idea of pursuing my dreams really put my life into perspective.  If you are interested in owning the book, why not join my giveaway, it’s free!

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The Most Important Tool to Make Your Dreams Come True

Ok, so you have something you would like to do.  A dream in the making perhaps and you’d like to be able to say “my dream, or a New Year’s resolutions that got forgotten about a week ago due to lack of will power.

But you are human, and you need something to look forward to.  A sort of vision that pulls you in the direction of something greater than yourself.  Something that gives your life more meaning.

Isn’t that what dreaming bigger is all about anyways?

If you want to become a writer, do what you must to become a writer.

If you want to run a marathon, then do what you must to run a marathon.

If you want to fit into your high school jeans, then do what you must…

But you don’t do it because you get in your own way.

And I am here to tell you to never, ever, let your mind get in the way of making your dreams come true. 

I am all about making my dreams come true–I went to Japan in 2014, I am planning a trip to see Orca whales in their natural environment in September, and I am hoping to publish a book that I’ve written 40k words for in the last two months.   And now that I’ve had the pleasure of reading Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist, I feel even more inspired to follow my own Personal Legend.

And quite honestly, I want you to feel the same way.  For that reason, next week I am going to be doing a giveaway of the book The Alchemist, amongst a couple others of my favorite personal development books, so stay on the lookout by signing up to my newsletter below.

Heck, I have been getting up at 6:30 a.m. every weekday to be able to share all of my knowledge and be of service to you.  That is why today I wanted to talk about the most important tool you need to have to make your dreams come true.

How do you make your dreams come true?

Not that long ago I came upon an inevitable truth: Mindset is everything. That truth is actually the tag line to my blog and website:

As Lao Tzu once said: When you correct your mind, your life will fall into place (you should totally tweet this!).

Not only does the right mindset have the ability to provide a foundation for a new and better you, it is also one of the most important tools you can use in achieving your goals and making your dreams come true.

In fact, I’ve come to realize that any problem can be solved when you change the way you think about it.  The problem is that we often times don’t even know that thinking differently about anything is an option.  As a matter of fact, that is why in the past I’ve written about the entrepreneurial mindset and why being an entrepreneur is more about how you think to come up with solutions, rather than it is about starting a business.

And so I found that if you want to make your dreams come true, reach any goal, or even keep your New Year’s resolutions, then you ought to have the right mindset.

I also want you to think of the fact that you can make your dreams come true, reach your goals, or keep your New Year’s resolutions is your sole responsibility in life.  There is no better reason to make your dreams come true than knowing that your personal satisfaction will create ripples of hope amongst anyone that comes into your life.

So, what is this mindset thing and how can this help you make your dreams come true?

What is mindset?

I believe mindset to be the set of instructions that your mind has recorded throughout your psychological development (remember? I am a total Psychology nerd). These instructions I speak of range from “I am not good enough” to “I have what it takes” and direct the way you live your life and how you experience your reality.

Your mindset is the filter through which you experience the world. 

Are you familiar with the phrase “she sees the world through pink-colored lenses”?  That is mindset, and everyone wears their own brand of lenses through which they experience the world informed by past experience.

The only problem with mindset for our purposes? Most of what creates the foundation of your mindset is unconscious to your conscious mind.  I have shared in the past an unconventional formula for success, and wrote about how one of my previous employers would often tell me that you can’t think outside the box if you don’t know what the box looks like.

That box is your mindset.

Why is having the right mindset so important?

You may have already guessed that when your mind is telling you that you are not good enough, then you are most likely not going to try and make your dream come true because you don’t feel worthy of achieving success. On the other hand, you know that if you feel and think that you are capable, then the sky is the limit.

That belief that you are either good or not good enough is part of your mindset.

I want to challenge you to a little experiment:  Make note of 5 successful people that you follow, whether it is an internet entrepreneur, celebrity, or family member. Then observe their behavior through whatever means is possible. Watch their YouTube channel, read their blog posts, or have a conversation with them.

What do you see and hear? Are they hunched over, mumbling, and telling their audience that making your dreams come true is not possible.  Do they ask you, why try? Better to be safe and not risk what’s going well for you.

Or are they telling you to go for it and stay on your game as one of my mentors, Marie Forleo, likes to say?

When you have the right mindset about making your dreams come true or achieving anything at all, you are more likely to be satisfied with your accomplishments, and, I even dare say, reach your goals.

What is the right mindset?

So what is right mindset?

The right mindset is pretty much anything that serves the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish in your life at any given moment in time. I have written much in the past about self-serving thoughts, well, this is exactly what I mean by it.

When the circumstances say nay, your mindset is I am not giving up, I am just starting over.

When your circumstances say nay, your mindset is how can I learn from this so that I can be successful as a result of this failure?

When your circumstances say nay, your mindset is I know I can.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m a MexiCAN, not a MexiCAN’T.

Your mindset will account for 100% of the results you achieve. After all, as Henry Ford once told us, “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Your second challenge for today:  ask yourself what thoughts you have around your dream or (long lost?) New Year’s resolution. Do you feel and think that it is impossible to achieve? Or do you think and feel that it is impossible not to achieve?

Which will it be?

In the upcoming weeks I will be writing about how to change your mindset and why having the right mindset is only half the equation in making your dreams come true.



1.  It is your responsibility to make your dreams come true.  It may sound tacky or childish to think of “dreams come true.”  But what else do you live for as a human being?  What gets you out of bed in the morning excited to face the world if not your dreams?

2.  If you want to make your dreams come true you are going to have to support yourself through the process.  That means that you have to think thoughts that are self-serving to your goal or dream.

I will be writing more on the subject to help you move from the “I’m not so sure I can make this happen” mindset, and into a “I can and I will make this happen” mindset.  So sign up for my newsletter so you can receive more tips on being successful, reaching your goals, and living life to the max!



I want to know what you think.  Let me know in the comments what is holding you back from making your dreams come true and what you will do about it!

And as always, thank you for reading!  It is my personal mission to share aaaaaaall that I’ve learned through my studies in Psychology and through my own spiritual journey with you, and as I said above, getting up at 6 a.m. every weekday is all done for you.  So help me reach and help more people by sharing this blog post!


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